9/25/2013 - Taking a Break

It's been awhile since I updated the blog. We haven't been too active in cuckqueaning. We casually went out with a few girls, nothing amazing happened. I have been thinking about it more though lately. Hopefully will have something new to post about soon.

7/27/2013 - Honesty & Dirty Used Condoms

We recently came back from a vacation where we were visiting family. During this time we had very limited sex. One night we were having wild (but quiet) sex where I came clean about a few secrets I had been hiding and afraid to come forward with. Two girls I had received blowjobs from on video that Shawna knew about I also actually had sex with. I also came clean about 3 other girls I have had sex with (all named Jessica actually lol). She got really turned on about it all and was not mad at me about it.

As much as she sometimes fights being a cuckquean out of fear, she can't hide it when it is turning her on ridiculously. Occasionally she will go through a short period and tell me that she doesn't like it anymore, only to bring it up later and get really turned on by it again. I try to get to the bottom of it but she always closes up about the change of heart. I think she may be mad at herself because she enjoys it so much and it seems so "wrong". Eventually, I would like to be able to honestly discuss her feelings so we can work through them together. I really love and care about her and don't ever want her to feel hurt about something we both usually seem to enjoy.

Also of note, I wanted to do something really dirty with her. I had a new girl I was talking to, also named Jessica coincidentally, who we had texted on and off from meeting online. We met up, had crazy sex, and I put my girlfriends pillow under her ass while I was on top. She creamed all over it and kept telling me how much she was into knowing my girlfriend was going to put her face in it.

Fucked this girl named Jess in our bed

She left right before my girlfriend came home from work. I left the condom, used and filled up, right on her dresser. When we had sex later, I pulled it out and made her put it in her mouth, threw it on her back while we were doing it doggy style and dumped the remaining contents out on her when we were done. I prefer having sex without a condom but this was pretty fun, so I will probably make sure to do it more often in the future.

7/11/2013 - New Cuckquean Jewelry

Shawna has had a locking collar for quite awhile. It's gotten quite a bit of use at first but its a bit big and clunky and not quite her style. I also worry about her being in a situation where she would need to take it off but is unable to do so. So we just purchased and received in the mail today an ankle bracelet with the engraved word "Cuckquean" on it. Its much lighter and easier for her to wear, it also labels her a cuckquean which I prefer over the locking necklace which has no engraving. You can see pics below:

Cuckquean Anklet

Cuckquean Engraving

4/12/2013 - Men aren't made to be faithful

Being someone who works with numbers on a regular basis, the studies out there on cheating are really missing the mark. So after digging through the depths of the internet, I found enough solid data to put together actual percentages of men cheating in straight, monogamous relationships. As you will see, men are not able to do this:

4/8/2013 - Cuckquean Quiz

Lately Shawna has been having a hard time coping with being a cuckquean in daily life. So I thought of a way to begin an open conversation about what was going on and wanted to reassure her. What I did was make something called the "Cuckquean Quiz". Basically it asked questions regarding our sex life, with some specifics about my sex life. As she answered each question, we began a discussion. It was very helpful and we had amazing sex afterwards. I think the most important aspect of cuckqueaning is how much more amazing the sex gets with your partner. The more amazing the sex is, the less I find myself likely to engage in sex with other women. I really believe the whole goal of cuckqueaning is to improve communication and strengthen the relationship. It is not about having sex outside the relationship, although that is definitely a very nice bonus! :)

2/7/2013 - Her first time watching...

Today was the first time Shawna watched me in real life with another woman. She has watched me on video since I had a short stint as a pornographic actor in some amateur films and its always excited her. This was the perfect excuse to do this since it was a few days after my birthday and was basically part of my birthday present. This woman, Lisa, came over and gave me a blowjob while Shawna video taped.
This is Lisa
I let her join in for a little bit which was really fun for her. I finished up by cumming all over Lisa's boobs and made Shawna lick it up! I am a very big believer in making my Cuckquean clean up after sex. Had a great time and I know my girlfriend did too!

2/5/2013 - Introduction

Hello, welcome to my blog! This is my first post. I am 'B', stands for my name. I am in my mid twenties and have been with my amazing girlfriend Shawna for almost 8 years at the time of writing this. We have a very open and exciting sexual relationship and recently decided to classify it as a Cuckquean relationship. Shawna knows that I have been with other girls for most of our relationship and knows it makes me happy. She really just loves to do anything that pleases me. I will update this blog as much as possible, as long as there are things to write.

24/7 Locking Collar worn by Shawna